Rewarding creative problem solvers in Azerbaijan modifying with math!

Mar 11th - Mar 25th 2019


Polycoins earned.


To support the K-12 education community to solve and author creative problems and experiment with numbers and functions.


One (1) prize is available for the Teacher Team Leader:

  • One Laptop.

  • For complete details, see Official Rules here.


Eligibility Requirements

  • Full-time teacher in Azerbaijan (void outside Azerbaijan and where prohibited).

  • Lead a teacher team on Polyup.

  • The winner teacher of the Polyup 1st Azerbaijan Challenge can not participate in the 2nd challenge.

How to Enter

Eligible teachers can participate between Mar 11th 11:01 PM AZT to Mar 25th at 10:59 AM AZT by doing the following:

  1. Create a Polyup Account and a team for the Poly Challenge. See How to Sign up for Poly Challenge for instructions and Poly Challenge terms.

  2. Enter the code AZE2 on m.polyup.com. This code need to be entered before 10:59 AM AZT on March 25th 2019.

  3. The teacher team must have at least 6,000 Polycoins to be eligible for the drawing and prizes.

  4. Work with your team to earn Polycoins. If your team earns the required amount of Polycoins mentioned above between Mar 11th 11:01 PM AZT to Mar 25th at 10:59 AM AZT, you will be entered into the drawing.


#ِAzerbaijanPrize1 has been concluded on Mar 3rd 11:59PM PST



winner announced!