Fanisi  Online is organizing an Africa wide Challenge supported by various corporate organizations in various African countries starting with The Bandwidth and Cloud Services Challenge in which Teachers, students and schools will be rewarded with laptops, books, shopping vouchers for a full academic year, TVs and Play Stations.

Mar 10th - Apr 2nd 2019


Polycoins earned.


Fanisi Online’s mission is to democratize education by seeking to eliminate the gap between those who have access to high-quality education and those who do not – in Africa. Through an online community of educators, learners, and committed education experts Fanisi through Fanisi Academy create and share quality materials that benefit teachers, parents, and students globally.


Three prizes are available for the Teacher Team Leader:

  • Three PlayStation 4.

Three prizes are available for Students that belong to the Teacher Team:

  • 5 $30 vouchers per term for 1 year for Lower Primary School students.

  • 5 $30 vouchers per term for 1 year for Upper Primary School students.

  • 5 $30 vouchers per term for 1 year for High School students.

One prize is available for the School:

  • 1 TV

For complete details, see Official Rules here.


Eligibility Requirements

  • Full-time teacher in any African country (Does not have to be a citizen of that country)

  • Resides in Africa,

  • Students 9 years and older and teachers 21 years or older.

  • Lead a teacher team on Polyup

How to Enter

Create a Poly Account and a team for the Poly Challenge. See here for instructions and Poly Challenge terms.

  • Enter the code BCS2 on m.polyup.com. This code need to be entered before April 1st 2019 at 11:59 PM PT,

  • Author machines and share them with other teams on Polyup. You earn 2 Authoring Polycoins whenever a team solves a machine you authored!

  • The  team must earn at least 10,000 Authoring Polycoins to enter the drawing for March 2019. Please Note, the coins earned will not be carried on to the next month’s Challenge.

  • To enter the Overall draw which will come in June 2019, the team must earn more than 20,000 Polycoins through all the three BCS Challenges.


#BCSPrize1 has been concluded on Mar 3rd 11:59PM PST



Stay tuned, winners will be announced!