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Poly Milestone 8M

Recognizing a Team, School and District that helped push the Polycoin count to 8,000,000!



Polycoins to reach the milestone. updated on 10:55AM PST Jan 26th, 2019.
To see the latest numbers enter into the Poly Challenge.



To support Poly Challenge’s global community, to break new milestones, and bring more creative problem solving to K-12 schools.

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Eligibility Requirements:

- Full-time teacher, school, or district employee.
- 21 years of age or older.
- The teacher team has joined a school team and their school team has joined a district team at the time the milestone is achieved.

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How to Enter

One of Eligible teachers, schools, and district teams wins as the following:

- Create a Poly Account and a team for the Poly Challenge. See here for instructions and Poly Challenge terms.
- No Poly code is needed since by default you participate in this drawing.
- Work with your team to earn Polycoins. Your team must earn a minimum of 7,200 Polycoins, your school must earn a minimum of 14,400 Polycoins, and your district must earn a minimum of 28,800 Polycoins.
- When the total Poly Coin in the challenge surpasses 8,000,000 we will randomly choose one participating team that meets the above requirements.

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- Recognition of the team, school and district on this milestone page
- Featuring the winner team’s authored Poly Machine that has gained most Polycoins.