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Poly Milestone 2M

Recognizing a Team, School and District that helped push the Polycoin count to 2,000,000!



Polycoins Earned



To support Poly Challenge’s global community, to break new milestones, and bring more creative problem solving to K-12 schools.

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Eligibility Requirements:

- Full-time teacher, school, or district employee.
- 21 years of age or older.
- The teacher team has joined a school team and their school team has joined a district team at the time the milestone is achieved.

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How to Win

One of Eligible teachers, schools, and district teams wins as the following:

- Create a Poly Account and a team for the Poly Challenge. See here for instructions and Poly Challenge terms.
- No Poly code is needed since by default you participate in this drawing.
- Work with your team to earn Polycoins. Your team must earn a minimum of 2,400 Polycoins, your school must earn a minimum of 4,800 Polycoins, and your district must earn a minimum of 9.600 Polycoins.
- When the total Poly Coin in the challenge surpasses 2,000,000 we will randomly choose one participating team that meets the above requirements.

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- Recognition of the team, school and district on this milestone page
- Featuring the winner team’s authored Poly Machine that has gained most Polycoins.