12 Weeks with up to 12 Prizes


12 Weeks with up to 12 Prizes

from 10,800.00

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Get 12 weeks with up to 12 prizes

As part of the Sponsor package, each sponsor must provide the prizes. Prizes can be from their own product and/or service but are not limited to such. The Sponsor is responsible for choosing the said winner(s) based on the Polycoin leaderboard provided by Poly Challenge platform. For said drawing, all teachers, schools, and/or districts must reach the minimum number or required Polycoins. The prizes cost, delivery, and distribution is the responsibility of the Sponsor.

Maximum prize item length: 4 weeks

Platform cost per week (does not include prizes) up to 1M problem solving attempts(*): $1,000

Total platform payment: $12,000

(*) In case there are problem solving attempt more than 1M in a week, the extra attempts will be charged to sponsor at the rate of $1 per 1,000 extra problem solving attempts.