Polycoins earned.

Impact the learning experience of one million students

Poly Challenge is a viral, cooperative, community-based program in which K12 students in schools in 30+ countries use the Polyup platform to solve, create, and share visual interactive computational puzzles and projects as a weekly out-of-class practice for their math and computer science courses’ curricula. School prizes are funded by various nonprofits and for-profits worldwide. Participating students and schools increase their chances of winning a prize by increasing their own progression and the help/impact they provide to others in the platform. For more details please see here.

Sponsor a prize

Organizations and companies can sponsor Poly Challenge Prizes and drive engagement and activities with specific themes inline with to their cause and/or brand. See active Prize examples. Students, teachers, school and district leaders generates Polycoins based on theirs and their teams’ problem solving activities. More than 200M Polycoins has been generated and more than 2oM problems has been solved globally in less than 70 days.



Beyond social responsibility, Poly Challenge represents a great marketing opportunity for the sponsor in many aspects…

Brand Positioning

Position your brand ahead of your competition by becoming more friendly with the youth…


Lower Customer Acquisition Cost

Drastically reducing the cost of impression and increasing the convertibility of such impressions. Making it one of the most cheap and efficient customer acquisition methods available.


Social Impact

Create a movement within your customers that will bring all their community in…


Measurable Marketing Effectiveness

We provide detailed reports on the impressions, participants, problems solved, leads to your website…

Sponsorship Opportunities

Poly Challenge packages are available at various length. Various prize types like drawing and rewards are available. Most sponsors choose weekly Prizes to have maximum flexibility to adjust prizes minimum requirements of the next week based on the last week stats. For more details please see here.

As part of the Sponsor package, each sponsor must provide the prizes. Prizes can be from their own product and/or service but are not limited to such. For the telecom industry we propose the following prize types for teachers and students.

Teacher Prizes


Student Prizes

The Sponsor is responsible for choosing the said winner(s) based on the Polycoin leaderboard provided by Poly Challenge platform. For said drawing, all teachers, schools, and/or districts must reach the minimum number or required Polycoins. The prizes cost, delivery, and distribution is the responsibility of the Sponsor.

Maximum prize item length: 4 weeks

Platform cost per week (does not include prizes) up to 1M problem solving attempts(*): $1,000

(*) In case there are problem solving attempt more than 1M in a week, the extra attempts will be charged to sponsor at the rate of $1 per 1,000 extra problem solving attempts.


Poly Challenge Prizes Packages

Package Features


Prizes Duration help

1-12 weeks

Polyup platform help


Polycoin Leaderboard help


Prize Page help


Prize Code Setup help


Technical Support help


Social Media Coverage help


Social Media Package help


Printed Assets help


Educational Resources help


Cloud Usage help

Extras (Optional)

Custom Prize Page help


Prize Video help


Prize Animated Video help


Language Localization help


Custom Content help