A free and open challenge for K-12 students, teachers of math classes, education leaders, and families to engage in creative problem solving, improve math skills, and learn computational thinking. Plus you could win prizes for your classroom or school! See here for details on Prize’s offered by Polyup and other sponsors!

Polycoins generated since 12:01AM PST Jan 7th till 7:54AM PST Jan 23rd, 2019
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Enter the challenge with the instructions below, then play and create Poly Machines (puzzles) to earn Polycoins! Click here to find prizes offered by Polyup or other organizations!

That’s it! There are no restrictions on what machines you can play — solving any puzzles will give you Polycoins. We recommend giving your students one or more Poly Machines to work on per week, following the lesson plans in the “Getting Started with Polyup” section below. Once they are up to speed, your students can create their own machines and play each other’s machines to gain even more Polycoins!